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It surprises me how many websites I come across that have not been set-up to track their purposes for being there. These could be aims such as to encourage people to phone a company, submit a booking via a form or purchase a product.

There are a number of traffic monitoring tools out there, the most common being Google Analytics, which allow for the owners of a website to be informed on how well a website is performing.

It takes some planning and thought to set-up these tools so that they track these things but, once implemented, produce some wonderfully useful information that can be used to influence your decision making and show you things such as the most effective parts of your website or business/organisation.

The barriers that stop people from setting up these things and dedicating time to analyse their website’s performance data is interesting to me. What stops you from placing more emphasis on this? Is it time? Are you aware that it is possible?

(image courtesy of Wikimedia)