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I’ve been thinking about the various elements that most people consider to be involved in search engine optimisation (keyword research, optimising the various elements on a page, building links to a page, etc) and was wondering what other people consider to be the most difficult part of the process for them.

I personally find that people don’t know the intricacies of keyword research as it seems difficult for many people to really understand what heir target market will type into the search engines. I find that many people who don’t think about what their target market will type in generally think that the keywords which are quite generic and generate the most traffic are often not the most suitable. Of course this depends on the client and their business but for many small businesses fitting a niche is usually the best route as, when people reach a website from a relatively specific keyword then they are more likely to find a website useful, whether that’s buying a product on your website or getting in touch regarding a service that you are offering.

What do you find difficult? Keyword researching? Optimising a web page for keywords? Getting a website higher in the search engines for the right keywords?