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I recently began listening to Hubspot’s podcast called “The Growth Show” and thought it good enough to mention as a blog post of my own. The topics of the podcast are based around the title with the quality of the shows, for me, being based on the quality of the guests that they invite on it.

One of the best episodes that I have listened to so far was “How to Become an Influential Leader: Tips on Hiring, Growth & Management From Charlene Li”. I was not aware of Charlene Li prior to this listening to this but she is extremely intelligent and a great story teller. She is very interested in company culture and this was a great episode to help think about your career and how people should work together within organisations.

Another episode that I found very interesting was “Growth Secrets From Canva: How the Design Startup Acquires 30K New Users a Day”. I wasn’t aware of Canva previously but it appears to be an easy-to-use online design app. This episode gave a fascinating insight into the company’s growth and the two guys from Canva that were interviewed were funny, open about the company and confident.

I would recommend “The Growth Show” and please feel free to comment and let me know which episodes you particularly like or any other podcasts!