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James Yorke Become Known

With 19 years of experience under my belt, my digital journey began with a grounding role in web development, later transitioning into the dynamic environment of a digital agency where I honed my skills in adapting to varied client narratives. Venturing independently, I thrived as a Freelance Digital Marketer, navigating the intricacies of SEO, content, lead nurturing, paid advertising, and comprehensive campaign orchestration amongst other things.

At South Thames Colleges Group, I melded strategy with creativity, fostering innovative digital campaigns. My role at Sannam S4 Group furthered my passion for clear and effective SEO strategies. And at GoHire, I spearheaded the transformation of talent acquisition by leading and integrating strategic digital marketing initiatives.

As the digital landscape continuously evolves, I remain committed to pushing boundaries, exploring the intersections of technology and strategy, and championing the next wave of digital marketing.

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