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Web design freelancers and companies out there, do you agree to create a website for clients full in the knowledge that they have no chance of getting traffic from search engines without it being optimised in any way? Have they told you, or do you at least sense from them, that they expect traffic from search engines? If your client expects traffic from search engines and you haven’t told them this will not happen unless the site is at least optimised during development, why not?! Surely this is the responsible and professional thing to do?

Have you created an online shop for a client without any keyword research and on-site SEO? If so, why?

To those that are or have been a web design client and haven’t considered keywords from which people will find your website in the search engines, why not? How do you expect your website to receive visitors?

I see so many website owners complaining that they are not ranked for keywords in search engines that they would like to be and the most basic SEO work, research and on-site optimisation, has not been done.

Before you ask, Yes, I am promoting a service of mine, it’s a small, SEO keyword research and online marketing report. I think all websites that need to get found under keywords, either in the short or long term, have to do this.

Why should web design freelancers and companies use this service of mine? Because I am experienced at things such as keyword research and recommending page titles I can do it quicker and to a higher standard and you can get on with what you’re good at whilst making a profit on this report that provides extremely good information to both you and your client.

Contact me and find out more about this.