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Google Optimize is a free tool for Google that is used to run test on your website to improve optimisation and increase conversions. Ultimately, to help your website serve the visitors better.

Should I use Google Optimize?

This tool allows you to specify variants on your web pages and so find out which is the best for your website’s visitors. If you want to improve how your website performs for you then you should definitely use it plus it is free and only costs you your time.

What can I Test with Google Optimize?

It allows you to run AB tests, multivariate tests and redirect tests using data that has been collected in the past and so lets you find out what the best ways to set up your website for maximum optimisation. It plugs into your website and directly links to Google Analytics which means that it has access to a huge amount of data specific to your website.

What can you change with Google Optimize?

You can keep it simple by changing things such as text, images and video and more complex code-related things such as changing HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Is Google Optimize Part of Google Analytics?

They are different products from Google but can be linked together so that they share data.

Is Google Optimize Free?

There is a smaller, free version of Google Optimize and a premium version called Optimize 360.

What is an A/B Test?

It is a test in which there are two or more variants of the same web page. Variant A will be the original and then you will have one or more variants which are slightly different to the original version. It is best to start small when running A/B tests on a web page, especially when you are just getting started on Google Optimize, for example changing the call-to-action text of a button rather than changing fundamental or large parts of your website such as a shopping checkout process.

Create a Hypothesis

When starting to optimize your website you will need to identify a problem with your website that you want to solve and then create a hypothesis on how to fix it. For example, you may have identified that conversions on your website have dropped. You would then create a hypothesis on how to improve this such as making your checkout process simpler or, as mentioned previously, start small by changing the call-to-action text of a button which takes people through to the checkout process.