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Social media is something of a buzzword and like all buzzwords within an industry is used by some people to maintain their own level of self-importance. I’ve found that social media can be a great many things depending on who you listen to but I like to think of it as method to share information and contact like minded people. It’s great that this form of communication can take place in so many forums online and that it is always evolving due to various factors such as hardware, how people access the Internet and the characteristics of people that are using it.

Currently, for me, I am using Twitter quite a lot as it’s great for sharing information, asking questions, finding out things that are relevant to me and helping people. With Twitter, as with most social media and socialising in general, you get from it pretty much what you put in. For businesses and organisations, Twitter can be very beneficial if used in the right way and this usually takes the form of contacting people who are interested in what you do as and when it is necessary. This may take the form of extended customer service or simply responding to comments about your business or you can be more pro-active by using it to generate an interest in what you do by offering something of interest. Of course, its more suitable for some business than others. For example, a shop, such as a website selling LED lighting, is more suited to getting business from search engines, but for businesses that generate work through relationships, social media can be an extension of this.

Working with clients on social media campaigns is very exciting for people as the work I produce is truly unique to each client and can generate a huge amount of interest and trust. If you’re ready to truly be socialable online with people who are interested in what you do and want help in doing this, then feel free to get in touch!