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I was thinking of what to write as a first blog post and felt that the most important first thing to communicate was my principles towards my work. When meeting someone it is easier to communicate this as it happens not only from what a person says but also in other ways such as how they’re dressed, body language, use of language, punctuality and more. However, when initially having contact with people through a website, the design and words used are the most important ways to communicate a person’s attitude towards their work.

Now that I have given you that, I can tell you what mine are! I like to be straight forward and honest with people I work with and am more than happy for them to do the same with me. Being clear on various things when working together makes everything so much more effective and enjoyable. I like to be creative and innovative in all work that I undertake and this often happens through the discussion of ideas that may not be the norm but which may help my clients to achieve their goals!

I like to be professional as well as have a friendly relationship with my clients and get to know them and their business. If I can have a drink with a client and discuss their work in an enjoyable, creative and straight forward way, then I can certainly work with them! Online marketing is only difficult if you make it so which motivates me to keep things as simple and jargon free as possible.

I hope that gives you more of an insight into the way I work!