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I’m currently learning to play the drums and have been looking online on a regular basis for videos from which I can break down how the various parts of song are played. A frustration I’ve had from this being that with some videos it is tough to see how every part of a song is played. However, the great thing I’ve discovered is that there are lots of amateurs playing songs they love on various instruments and from these it is relatively easy to break down the various parts and play it.

Another frustration I’ve had with these videos is actually finding them! When searching on websites such as YouTube the results usually bring back the official music video and so the instruments can’t be seen. Due to this, I’ve had the idea of simply putting a blog together which gathers any videos, from video websites such as YouTube, which would help people learn their favourite songs being played or taught to others in one place.

I wouldn’t necessarily be creating the videos myself but would be embedding various videos from elsewhere so that people have one place to find them all. I would also plan on creating a YouTube channel, Twitter account and a Facebook fan page as ways to inform people on these communities of this site/videos as and when new ones are placed on the site.

A somewhat clumsy explanation and, at the moment, far from solid idea but I’m just getting ideas together at the moment.

The questions I have are would this type of site be popular enough to be worth doing and does anything like this already exist?